Tuesday, June 10, 2014

PSA: Dog Collars

      Life is fragile and every moment should be cherished, that is something I learned early on by living with Type 1 Diabetes. Never taken things for granted and live each moment to create lifelong memories. This message can be used in all walk of life including the loss of beloved pets. 8 days after my family brought home our precious 2 month old Boston Terrier puppy, Daisy Mae, she died in a freak accident. 
     Daisy Mae died in her crate after being strangled when her collar and dog leash tag got stuck in the railings of her crate. She was jumping around in there as we left for the morning like she always did and we assume it happened shortly thereafter. It is reported that up to 26,000 collar strangulation accidents occur each year, usually occurring when two dogs “play bite” each other in the neck area and teeth get caught on the collar. Other strangulation hazards can occur when collars get caught in: fences, slats on decks, crates and kennels, heating/ cooling vents, shrubs, and branches. We were never made aware of this risk, so we always just purchased traditional collars for our dogs. I was so amazed that our experienced vet was not aware of the prevalence of this issue. It is a hidden risk for dog owners and I think it is important that awareness is brought to this issue. I highly recommend looking into a break-away collar for your pets. They allow for peace of mind and will release your dog if a dangerous amount of pressure is placed on it. 

    It is so amazing how a five pound fur ball who I only knew for a week has had such an impact on my life. Daisy Mae, thank you for being the calming influence I needed in my life along with cuteness that cannot be topped. Even though you were itty-bitty and your time with us was  so short, you were already such an important part of my family. Always in my heart baby girl, now go enjoy doggie heaven
Daisy Mae: March 24, 2014- May 31, 2014 
    Please share this post with your friends and family, dogs are special creatures and together we can keep them safe. 

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