Monday, September 29, 2014

Gluten Free is not a choice

         I have been following a gluten free diet for almost a year now after suggestion from my endocrinologist. I passed the Celiac blood test, but I was having symptoms which is quite common in people with T1D. Since making the switch, a fog has lifted in my body and my BG numbers have become more stable and consistent. I also finally like bread. It's been a change for the better and I would not go back. Many people think that gluten free diets are a fad, and people do it to loose weight or be hip. But for some people it is their life. I have several friends who suffer from Celiac disease and following a gluten free diet is not a choice for them. Their small intestines cannot physically handle the gluten.  They must be strict and follow the diet exactly or they can become very sick.
       The problem is that gluten free food is ridiculously expensive and the selection is quite small, although that is slowly changing. Necessities like a loaf of bread are $6.25, sometimes more depending on the store. A box of crackers is about $5.00 and a pack of 4 muffins is $7.00. That is just not fair. They need to eat too. And sometimes it is hard to afford these food staples that they need for everyday life. They did not choose the gluten free life, the gluten free life choose them and I think insurance should help. The gluten free diet is like a medication for  so  it is only fair that they be provided with a certain amount of money per month to purchase those necessities such as bread and pasta. It does not need to be a large amount of money, $100-$150 per month would help. Anything would help. It would make the disease feel like less of a burden. Going to the grocery store would be less traumatic, as seeing the price rise at checkout is quite frightening. If anyone reading this is involved in the medical profession, please speak up and help those who follow a gluten free diet because of legitimate medical reasons. We need your help to make a change!

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