Sunday, October 5, 2014

When I was free

          4 YEARS
          In some ways it feels just like yesterday, but other times I can hardly remember what life was like. Back when I was free. Free of a time schedule, free from carb counting, free from needles, free from worry. I looked so pure on the exterior, no callused fingers or bruises from shots. No infusion set or insulin pump to conceal. No thinking about how long I was going without eating. Life was so simple. 
        But these senior portraits, taken on October 3rd, 2010, tell another story too. In these pictures you see a frail broken body, unable to sustain any weight. The glassy look in my eyes just screams high BG. I remember being so thirsty that day, I remember it distinctly. When we were finally finished with the 4 hour photo shoot, I was almost crying with hunger and thirst. It was the beginning of the downward spiral. 3 months before diagnosis. 
       I was fading fast, looking back I see it. Insulin truly saved my life. It brought Morgan back. The twinkle in the eye returned. I came back better than ever. Stronger and more confident. I may not be free, but I am alive, living each day to the fullest. 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Decorating Diabetes: A Pump Peelz Review

          I was so excited when I came into contact with Emily and Scott, founders of Pump Peelz. Pump Peelz are stickers made for insulin pumps, meters, and CGMs. They were created to decorate diabetes and make it fun and exciting for children and adults with Type 1 Diabetes. I was so excited to be given the opportunity to review one of their new products, Glow in the Dark peelz created just in time for halloween.
The Package 
       When the package arrived, I happily opened it with pride knowing that a fellow T1D had created this to bring joy to others living with the disease. I like how intricate the spider web design is on the peel, it almost seems real. I know many kids who would die to have a cool sticker like this. When I went to place the peel on my Dexcom receiver, I was impressed with how thick and durable it was. It was easy to unpeel and re-stick the peel several times in order to place it in the desired position. I can tell these peelz can be easily reusable as long as you protect them, which I love because I will be able to switch out different peelz depending on the season.
Dex modeling the new peel! 
      My favorite aspect of this particular peel is the Glow in the Dark feature. I know this was created to make it fun for Children and get them in the halloween spirit, but it is also very practical for young adults and adults. I sleep with my Dexcom in bed with me in order to hear the vibration at night. I am notorious for loosing it somewhere in my bed, but the past few nights I have been able to easily spot it because it is now Glow in the Dark. 
     I highly recommend Pump Peelz for anyone and everyone with T1D. The variety is so vast that I know you will find something that appeals to you and puts a smile on your face. I will definitely be purchasing more of these for my collection. Pump Peelz are currently available for the Dexcom G4 receiver, the Ominipod (generation 2),   the Omnipod PDM,  the Medtronic Minimed pump, and the OneTouch VerioIQ meter. You can find your favorite peelz here. Happy Pumping and CGMing!