Wednesday, May 21, 2014

T1D Humor

       Last night, an interesting hashtag began overflowing my twitter feed.
#DiabetesTaughtMe... This statement was open for any interpretation, but at that moment I needed some humor in my life. So I came up with this witty statement:
You can never have too much juice box humor 
       It is so wonderful that there are others out there that "get" these jokes and that sometimes it is ok to make fun if it. We are all in this lifelong battle together and it is so nice to have an outlet to express feelings about it to others who are also living the D-life. Here are some other tweets that I enjoyed: 
#DiabetesTaughtMe ain't no such thing as a normal feeling. 
#DiabetesTaughtMe that someone is always going to ask me "does that hurt" when giving myself a shot. 
#DiabetesTaughtMe that there will never again be such a thing as a good nights sleep.

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