Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Twenty Nine

       Today started off better than most. I woke up with a lovely BG of 98. I had cereal with milk for breakfast, and made sure not to bolus in full for it because I was headed to the rink for a morning skate. I was so excited to have the ice to myself and be able to play any music I desired as loud as I wanted.
The best form of therapy 
      The first 20 minutes of the session was grand. I got to mess around with some new music selections, played with some footwork, worked on spins, and did my general warm up. Then it was time to jump. I did a waltz jump, a very simple element in figure skating and I fell. I thought that was very strange, but I went for it again and my legs practically gave out on me. I sat there on the ice for a moment and literally could not feel my legs and my entire body was shaky. I knew I was in trouble. I slowly got up, grabbed my meter off the boards and checked to find my record low BG of twenty nine!

29 is such a scary number, its right on the brink of disaster. It is so scary how fast things can turn. It's days like this when I really hate diabetes. The way it makes me feel and how it can so easily change my plans for the day. I was really motivated to skate today but diabetes had other plans for me. Diabetes stopped me in my tracks and left me feeling weak and tired. The low came up quite quickly thanks to some sour gummy worms and a few glucose tablets, but I did not feel like skating anymore. It made my day 10 times more difficult but I will not say it ruined it.  I will never let diabetes be victorious. 

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