Friday, March 28, 2014


Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s 
about learning to dance in the rain.
         There are four nights of the year when I am completely dying inside. Those 4 appointments a year to the endocrinologist are at the back of my mind constantly. I am so fortunate to have a fabulous endo team behind me that allows me to be the navigator of my own disease. Whenever I bring up new treatment options that I have researched, such as going gluten free to improve my control and stomach issues, they supported me 100%. When I asked for a prescription to get a Dexcom CGM, they gave the ok even though they worried that I did not have enough space on my small frame to hold all these devices. They always let me try new things because they know it is my disease and I know what I need to have the best control possible.
          Even with all of this support I still get totally spooked about having my A1C test each visit. This test measures your average blood glucose and level of control for the past 3 months. I look at it like a report card of how well I carb count and correct, and how responsible I am. I know I am always hard on myself because the D-monster can never be completely controlled, but I am a perfectionist and am always looking for a good number. I know that this number does not define me, but I still strive for the best. I was particularly concerned at my latest appointment because I have had a pretty crummy 3 months with a hospitalization, major illness, and broken pump. I was expecting the worst, but I was pleasantly surprised with a 7.2, which converts to average BG of 160! I am very pleased that even with the difficulties I am still battling the D-monster and winning.
I need to locate my transmitter, oops! 
          Next, I got to visit with the best endo ever, Dr. G. When I first met him when I was scared and weak in my hospital bed, I liked him immediately. He taught me that diabetes was just a part of me and it does not define me. We have become great friends and he talks to me like a real person and not just a patient. I am dreading having to leave the pediatrics practice and graduate to the big girl endo. He promised me today I am welcome until I am 24!!! I told him about my plans to obtain a dietetics degree and then become a CDE (Certified Diabetes Educator) after completing my degree in education. He was thrilled by this, and says he would love to have me in his office someday. That is my real dream. Before leaving, he asked me if I would be interested in helping him recreate the D support group in his office. He would like me and some of the older patients with D to mentor the younger ones. So, a summer meet-up at the zoo is being planned. I find so much joy in helping others navigate this crazy life, so I am really excited. Whenever I start to freak about endo appointments in the future, I must remember all the great things that come out of them.
Proud to be T1D! 

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