Friday, July 18, 2014

Show me your pump

          People inspire others every single day. You read about these stories on the news all the time. Usually I don't  pay much attention, but recently a story caught my eye. Sierra Sandison, who was just recently crowned Miss Idaho, wore her T-slim insulin pump out in the open for all to see during the swimsuit competition. People may think that this is no big deal, but in the mind of a T1D this is no small task. It takes extreme courage to put your disease out there in plain site for all to see. I may seem like I am very open with my disease, but my pump is one thing I am self conscious about. Instead of using a pump clip and sticking my pump in my pants pocket, I use a fanny pack type device to conceal it underneath my shirt and am always checking to see if my tubing is hanging out. I don't know why I feel I need to hide it, but it's something I have always done. Deep down I am insecure about having to rely on a device to do something that my body should be capable of doing on it's own.
Pump Selfie 

        Sierra's story has helped me see that if she can wear a bikini on stage in front of thousands of people WITH an insulin pump, then I can casually walk around town with my insulin pump in my pocket for the world to see. She has inspired me not to hide the pride I have for living with Type 1 Diabetes. If people ask questions, I can answer them with confidence knowing I am advocating for a disease that has many misconceptions. Many T1D's acrossed the country have been encouraged by Sierra and there is currently a #showmeyourpump hashtag on instagram where pump users are posting all kinds of selfies with their insulin pumps. Looking at these pictures brings tears to my eyes. It saddens me that we have to wear these devices, but it makes my heart smile knowing we are in this together fighting the same battle, a battle we are winning. SHOW ME YOUR PUMP!

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