Tuesday, December 31, 2013


2013 was a year of transition. I feel as if my diabetes grew from a baby into a toddler. I was able to let my guard down a bit and I finally felt as if I was not thinking about it 24/7. I am at the point where I can pretty much do everything with my eyes closed, which can lead to the occasional error since I am not as careful as I used to be. I also feel like I have let go of some of my control and realized that sometime no matter what I do diabetes has a mind of it's own and I should not get too upset about an unexpected high or low, just correct and move on. This leads me to the best and worst diabetes moments of 2013:

The Worst 

  1. The most upsetting D-moment of the year was when I forgot to bolus (give insulin) for my bagel at breakfast and I did not realize until 2 hours after the fact. I felt like crap and I had no one to blame but myself. I learned that I need to pay more attention but I should not beat myself of up because it was going to happen at some point and if it only happens once every 3 years I can deal with it. 
  2. I had my first encounter with the NO DELIVERY alarm on my pump. This occurs when the insulin is not able to properly pass through the tube into the cannula inside your body. I had to learn how to trouble shoot and was reminded that I always need to bring extra syringes and a vial of insulin with me in case of these situations. 
The Best 
  1. The absolute best thing about this year not just in diabetes management but life in general was getting my Dexcom, Dexter. He has allowed me to relax more, knowing that he will alarm when things get a bit hairy. I would never give up this amazing piece of technology. 
  2. I also had the opportunity to talk with an older classmate who has T1D about how he deals with social aspects with D. He gave me great tips on how I can enjoy my upcoming 21st birthday safely without D getting in the way of the celebration. In general all conversations with diabuddies are ones that I cherish and never forget because we belong to a special club and they just "get it". 
Below is a short snapshot of my 2013 journey with Diabetes:
Happy New Year Y'all!

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