Saturday, December 21, 2013

It brings me down, they pick me up

Diabetes has an incredible talent for screwing things up at the worst possible times but I always try to make the most of these situations.  A few months ago, my college Figure Skating team had it's first competition of the season, and my dear old pal, the D-monster was by my side the ENTIRE time. When we entered the hotel, I knew that this would be an interesting weekend because I was welcomed by a ripped out insertion site, wonderful.

A roller-coaster weekend 
The morning of the competition started out really well, but about an hour before my first event, Dexter began flashing those lovely ???? showing that it did not have a strong signal. This was very disheartening because the entire reason behind getting Dexter was to use him during these events where adrenaline causes bizarre BG spikes. So since the sensor was 8 days olds, I decided to yank it and insert a new one right there in the locker room. I was not sure what the reaction of my teammates would be but most of them treated it like an interesting science experiment and wanted to watch, as many of them are science majors. The joys of being a human pin cushion:).

After my event, I was feeling a bit icky but that it is not unusual to be fighting high BGs at a competition. When we went back to the hotel, I ripped out yet another set while taking off my dress. When went back to the rink, I was still a bit off but these girls are just the sweetest and actually were interested in the process and why I filled up my water bottle about eight times that day and could not stop peeing :/ I literally felt like I could not stand up straight because my stomach was hurting that bad, so of course I was nervous about going out and skating elements for the team. We gave Dexter another name, "the crying baby" as he just was very whiney that day. They helped me find humor in a crappy situation, which is something that I love. The weekend ended on a high note with our team placing 4th overall out of 12 teams. But, the results were not important as the friendship and understanding I gained that weekend. OUFSC rocks!

These peeps are just the best!


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