Wednesday, December 18, 2013

What NOT to put in the stocking of a T1D

During this holiday season, I am always on high alert informing people that I can eat all the sweets everyone else consumes, just in moderation, like everyone else SHOULD be doing. The whole gluten-free thing does throw another wrench into things, but I am determined to make it work. My first Christmas after diagnosis was quite interesting as I had just started on my pump and was still adjusting to the wonderful ability to freely bolus for snacks.
Fill me with peppermint bark- Please & Thank You :)
The one thing that stood out that first year was the contents of my stocking. My very thoughtful Santa had left me sugar-free candy and more fruit than my brother. At first this did not bother me, but soon I realized that it did not have to be that way and the next year I requested my "normal" stocking goodies from my dear old Saint Nick.

What NOT to include in the stocking of a T1D:
  1. Sugar-free Candy (yuck)
  2. Glucose tablets (these are not candy people) 
  3. No more than 3 pieces of fruit 
  4. Lancets (no needles please) 
What TO include in the stocking of a T1D: 
  2. Life savers Christmas Storybooks (great carb information on the package) 
  3. Anything else you would include in the stocking of any random person :)
My one major tip for the holidays is that the entire day/weekend is a BOLUS WORTHY event. Just stay calm, SWAG bolus on, correct, and enjoy!

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  1. "Glucose tablets (these are not candy people)" - Funniest line in this post!!