Monday, April 28, 2014

My favorite time of the year...

      I love spring because it means the season of glitter, spotlights, costumes, and annoying songs is upon us. ICE SHOW TIME!!!The time of the year that I spend more time focusing on sparkles than I do focusing on sugar. This marks my 14th consecutive year being involved in a ice show production and I could not imagine myself doing anything else.
Ice show selfie with the best yo 
     I just love the atmosphere backstage and the excitement that fills the air when skaters and coaches come to come together and work hard towards a common goal. Backstage everyone is "ice show happy", this unique happiness where people openly sing and dance to every single song and let their goofy side show through. It is one instance that every thought of D leaves my body and surprisingly my BG remains stable generally. People are always worried that I am not ok because I act so silly, but that's just me and I am able to be like that when my BG is in good range. But by the end of each show, I usually crumble into a sugar-starved mess when apple juice becomes my best friend. But it is all worth it. Skating is the best outlet for me and ice shows are an awesome extension of this fabulous sport. 
Just a little GOOFY 

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