Friday, April 25, 2014


        I am usually a very organized person when it comes to keeping a schedule. I have a talent for not only remembering my own schedule, but also those of my closest friends. It is not uncommon for me to get a text message asking me what someone was supposed to do that day. I also love having my school binders organized and have an obsession with planning a head. Most people would agree that oblivious is not an appropriate adjective to describe me with.
       But when it come detecting low BGs, I am the epitome of oblivion. It seems that when I was first diagnosed, I was more aware because the sensation of being low was new and unusual. But now it seems as if I have become immune to that feeling and body is ignoring the signs. I have also found that I can function quit well even in the 40's and 50's, although I know that is not a good thing. On numerous occasions I have skated with a BG of 40 or below. I got a Dexcom CGM to help with my apparent unawareness, and it has a major help but nights are still scary. I am awesome at sleeping through my low alarm for up to 3 hours until my parents finally get annoyed, come in my room and say "drink some juice yo". There has been occasions when I have slept with a BG below 60 for up to 4 hours. I just don't feel it or hear the alarm of my CGM. And this is not good. It makes going to sleep seem like a frightening prospect at times.
      I have talked with many of my diabuddies about this and they  all describe this internal feeling they get that wakes them up when they are low. But unfortunately I do not have that trait. So the CGM is my best bet. Being oblivious is NOT COOL.

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