Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Live the moments

           I often find that all I can think about is medical junk. Questions like: "how many carbs?", "is that gluten-free?", "should I adjust my basal rates?", "do I have enough supplies?", and "how will skating affect my numbers?" fill my mind. I try so hard to block them out but being a perfectionist makes that an uphill battle. I also am very sensitive to the slightest drop or increase in BG, so it is never far from my thoughts. It is on my mind every hour of every day. My closest friends can tell when it is really getting to me, and they remind me I just have to let it go because it will never be perfect, I can just do my best.
        Some days, it is impossible to ignore. But that makes the good days even more special. Those days when I make the decision to not let the D-monster win and enter in my mind. Those moments when I forget about D and just live in the moment. I owe it to myself to let that happen more often. One day at a time...

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